Announcement Window

The announcement window shows the Announcements downloaded from DX Summit, HB9DRV, or Telnet windows. Announcements are saved in a file (..\data\annhistory.txt), which can be searched for useful information, such as QSL routes and DX station activity.

Announce Window
Announce Window

If a URL is shown in an announcement, double clicking will run your web browser with the URL.

Right Click for and select Copy to copy selected lines to the clipboard. The text can then be pasted into an email or text editor.

Send Button

If you wish to send an announcement via DX Summit, type the message in the edit box and press the Send Button. Sometimes the Announcement feature of DX Summit is disabled.

Announcements may also be sent via Telnet to local stations or the entire network from the Telnet Window.

File Menu

Save As. Save the contents of the window to a text file.

Close. Close the Announcemnet Window. The Esc key also closes this window.

Search Menu

Search For ... ctl-F. Open a search box for typing a search string such as a callsign. If the Search Announcements option is checked in the History Window, searches in the History Window will automatically occur in the announcements as well. If information is found, the Announcement Window will open.

Update Menu

Get 25/1,000/10,000 from DX Summit. Download the appropriate page from DX Summit and display the information in the Announcements Window. The information will be saved to the AnnHistory.txt file for searching.

Get 50/250 from HB9DRV. Download the appropriate page from the HB9DRV web site and display the information.

Help Menu

Help F1. Display this page of information on the Announcements Window.

Search .... Search the Help pages for any information.