Stony Lake, Ontario

Amateur Radio Station VE3SUN is located on Fairy Lake Island (ON261 for the Canadian Island Award) near Burleigh Falls on beautiful Stony Lake, Ontario.

With all the windsurfing, waterskiing, swimming, canoe paddling, and general fun-in-the-sun, don't expect to hear me on the air very often!


In 2005 I built the Freakin' Beacon kit which is now controlling the C30P beacon in Andorra and I decided to test it for a few days from Ontario.

The beacon was a TS-50 running 10 watts into a Cushcraft MA5V vertical tied to a tree, one meter off the ground. The location was FN04vn.

I have reports of the beacon being heard in Europe in July 2006. Unfortunately someone is having a joke at our expense. Sorry!

Freakin' Beacon Controller Program

Owners of the Freakin' Beacon controller will be interested in a program I wrote to set up the beacon message from Windows. FBeacon is a simple user interface for setting up the message and control parameters.

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