DX Cluster Activity



Hot DX: RT9K/6 14 spots 80:EU 3734.0

Spotter Freq DX Comment Time
RW9QA1826.3 RA3SICQ-160-CW1659z
OK2BFN1876.9 DJ1YFK1659z
EA1BKO7085.0 EA2EHAESO-3001659z
SP1L14215.0 T77LA1659z
RA6ADQ3731.0 RA6ADQ5 OCEAN1659z
OZ0B1867.7 RL3DXCQWW 160m1659z
RW9QA1829.9 RY6YCQ-160-CW1659z
M0JFK14073.9 C5FUDFT8 Gambia1659z
PE1EWR3730.6 SP1GALSB1659z
M0ABG18100.0 9Z4Ythx for the contact 1658z
EA5BK3706.0 EA2URZ/PEZ-329 DME-500581658z
N8XGS14259.0 TM70TAAF5/8 in MI,731658z
WN8Y14097.7 VE5MXRTTY1658z
EA7KK7095.0 EA7GIconcurso nacional de1658z
EA1BKO7000.0 EA2URZ/PEZ-329 (3706)1658z
PE1EWR3742.0 TM2FLSB1658z
EA1BKO3706.0 EA2URZ/PEZ-329 DME-500581658z
W7TJ14251.0 MI0SAISimon1657z
SV1VS7074.0 UA0SMFT8 -09dB from OO06 1657z
EA7MT7065.0 EA6B1657z
OS8D7143.0 IK3UNA1657z
RA9MX1824.3 RV1CCCW CQ WW 1601657z
OZ0B1864.6 OM3CPFCQWW 160m1657z
EA7ANC7150.0 EA1GTXOU1656z

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