DX Cluster Activity



Hot DX: W2RE 19 spots 40:EU NA 7128.0

Spotter Freq DX Comment Time
K0GUZ14038.7 NO5WCWops CWT Contest1911z
W6SDM14041.5 TX0A599 in Arizona1911z
DL1DGS7009.0 JA6PNAtnx QSO1911z
W3LPL7004.0 TA1PBHeard in MA1911z
IU3X3502.0 W2REremote for eu1911z
R4FCJ7187.0 EA8JKtnx qso 73!1910z
RA4FHO7152.0 EG40CETnx QSO !!1910z
EA7AN7074.0 EW2MSft8 -24dB 73TU1910z
RA1TI1822.0 OT4A1910z
EA8RP7014.0 EG40CEtks qso call corregi1910z
PU2NSY28415.0 PP7LP59 in GG66UB1910z
K8BZ7031.4 K8CW1910z
IW3ILM7014.0 EG40CE1909z
JA3SWL1840.0 VU2CPLCQ..-09dB FT8 V21909z
K0GUZ14039.5 K1GUCWops CWT Contest1909z
K4RUM14036.8 VE2FKCWT1909z
CT2IQK7187.0 EA8JKLSB1909z
LY4MA3650.0 RL3QATnx for QSO1909z
RA3ATT3712.0 R2AKNKDR #12281908z
IU3X7128.0 W2REremote rcforb for Eu1908z
W5FKX14041.5 TX0AOC-113 up 21908z
K0GUZ14045.0 K5AXCWops CWT Contest1907z
WH6LE18070.0 TX0Aup 11907z
SP5GEO7074.0 IW1FLRFT8 -06dB from JN34 1907z
IU2IDU7128.0 W2RE1907z
9A3CX7128.0 W2REgdx 731907z
F8BJE7023.0 LY5Q1907z
HG8LXL3573.0 DL9MPFT8 -13dB from JO32 1907z
KE5EE14041.5 TX0ATnx up 1 731906z
WH6LE18070.0 TX0Aup 1--- Fr Poly1906z
DC6GU3583.0 RK3ANLKDR1906z
LA1PTA18100.0 LA1PTALooking for U.S.A1906z
N7RO14041.0 TX0AOC113 up 21905z
HA7RY7017.5 HG9MRAE1905z
EA8RP7014.0 EG40CTtks qso1905z
UY7VV1908.5 JA8WKE- 041905z
KC4JNW7235.0 W3RARWFF KFF-15871905z
AF8C7193.0 NA8SANOTA NASA on the air1904z
EA7AN7074.0 HA7CRft8 -08dB 73TU1904z
SV1NJA18079.0 TX0Acq1904z
HA8RC3582.0 HG90MRAEPsk311904z
EA7IZ3690.0 EH40CE1904z

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