DX Cluster Activity



Hot DX: T31EU 26 spots 160:NA 30:EU AS NA 40:AS NA 60:OC 20:EU 1844.0 1840.0 1828.0 10109.0 14000.0

Spotter Freq DX Comment Time
EA4GTY7171.0 2E0YYY/PSOTA G/SP-0170818z
IZ4AFM7090.0 EA7JTF/PCGR-184 MVGR-1010 MV0817z
IQ5MR7163.0 IZ5CPKAW.LEON. 5000816z
PD5MVH14074.0 JR1MVAFT8 Good sig on Baby0816z
TA2XX21074.0 HS0ZIVFT8 tnx QSO 744hz0816z
RK3FT21016.0 R120MG0816z
ZL3IO10105.0 ZB2CW0816z
KE5EE1844.0 T31EUFT8 F/H EZ0815z
DL6KVA24906.0 XX9Dup 10815z
EA1BUL7090.0 EA7JTF/PTres referencias nue0815z
IK1YPH21074.0 BD0AAIFT80815z
IU5AXT3605.0 IQ5QO/3WAIL-VE2 ITA54 DCI-V0815z
DL3KUD21026.1 XX9Dup 1.6, wkd with 4000814z
ES8DH18100.0 XX9D+2 but deaf man0813z
SQ8JME7023.0 SP8BBKSPFF-18350813z
RW9Y14195.0 4U0Rtnx QSO0813z
9A6CC14074.0 R120MGtnx for ft8 730813z
I2ROQ7045.0 I1ASU/PIM106 WCA04962 rtty0812z
IU0JEK7102.0 IU1CYA10 pt, buona giornat0812z
F5PLC10127.0 P1RATUSB Pirates0811z
PD0RWL7065.0 ON/PD0RWL/PWCA ON-005530811z
PD5MVH14074.0 UY5CQFT8 also 144174.0 FT0811z
DK5FX21026.1 XX9D0811z
RR1F7000.0 RR1RXtest RDA:ff-000810z

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Cluster data and station locations provided by hamqth.com. Many thanks to Petr OK7AN for sharing. Propagation forecasts are provided by voacap.com. Thank you, Jari OH6BG.

When known, the exact station location is used. If not found, the country location is used.