DX Cluster Activity



Hot DX: SX18FIFA 26 spots 80:EU 20:AS EU NA 40:EU SA 30:EU 3518.0 14030.1 14215.0 14030.0

Spotter Freq DX Comment Time
N4VN10114.0 W2TAWCQ2231z
GI4DOH1824.9 GI6XXFWC2231z
LZ2TWY14075.7 WA4UFGtnx QSO 732230z
SV1AVE7131.5 UA6CBXtnx.Vasiliy. 592230z
M3ECT14245.0 CN18FWCNice signal into Man2230z
G0MFR7074.0 G6XXEngland FWC 2-1 :)2230z
DL3HAA10111.4 R18ARG2229z
SV1BDO/314081.5 YW18FIFARTTY FWC2229z
N4VN10111.4 R18ARG2229z
RU7L14038.0 RC18ROcw2229z
YV5OIE10137.1 RX4CDFT82228z
LU6DSW14250.0 CE7VPQ2228z
W1ARY14010.2 RU18WC2228z
KW4XR28400.0 K2WOP52 in Western NC2228z
HZ1BH14029.5 F6DWITU very strong 599 +2228z
ON7KM14245.0 CN18FWCJO21IB<>IM63NX2227z

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Cluster data and station locations provided by hamqth.com. Many thanks to Petr OK7AN for sharing. Propagation forecasts are provided by voacap.com. Thank you, Jari OH6BG.

When known, the exact station location is used. If not found, the country location is used.