DX Cluster Activity



Hot DX: T31EU 26 spots 160:NA 30:EU AS NA 40:AS NA 60:OC 20:EU 1844.0 1840.0 1828.0 10109.0 14000.0

Spotter Freq DX Comment Time
EA6BH10131.0 T31EUFT8 with JA0822z
F1DSZ10136.9 JJ2QWNFT80821z
HS5ZLD24906.0 XX9DUP TNX0821z
ZL3IO10104.0 KH7XS0821z
IK1NDD7135.0 IZ0MQN/PDTMBA I-323-PG0821z
W3LPL10104.0 KH7XSHeard in UT and CA0820z
F1NQP18100.8 RA3UAGFT80820z
PD5MVH14074.0 JA8EATFT8 Yasutaka san ,Tn0820z
ZL3IO10117.0 OH1LWZ0820z
RT2O14224.9 E74Dtnx QSO0820z
EA7TR18100.0 JR2LJOFT80820z
F1DSZ10137.0 JA5NLNFT80819z
DL1LQG7090.0 EA7JTF/P88 Paki0818z
IN3HOT3605.0 IQ5QO/3WAIL VE02 ITA-054 DC0818z
DM5RC14000.0 T31EUssb?rtty? best time 0818z
IZ5CML21026.0 XX9Dup nice signal0818z
VK8GM14000.0 ZB2CWOK the only band l 0818z
EA4GTY7171.0 2E0YYY/PSOTA G/SP-0170818z
IZ4AFM7090.0 EA7JTF/PCGR-184 MVGR-1010 MV0817z
IQ5MR7163.0 IZ5CPKAW.LEON. 5000816z
PD5MVH14074.0 JR1MVAFT8 Good sig on Baby0816z
TA2XX21074.0 HS0ZIVFT8 tnx QSO 744hz0816z
RK3FT21016.0 R120MG0816z
ZL3IO10105.0 ZB2CW0816z
KE5EE1844.0 T31EUFT8 F/H EZ0815z
DL6KVA24906.0 XX9Dup 10815z
EA1BUL7090.0 EA7JTF/PTres referencias nue0815z
IK1YPH21074.0 BD0AAIFT80815z
IU5AXT3605.0 IQ5QO/3WAIL-VE2 ITA54 DCI-V0815z
IZ0MQN7135.0 IZ0MQN/PDTMBA I-323 PG0814z
DL3KUD21026.1 XX9Dup 1.6, wkd with 4000814z
ES8DH18100.0 XX9D+2 but deaf man0813z
SQ8JME7023.0 SP8BBKSPFF-18350813z
RW9Y14195.0 4U0Rtnx QSO0813z
9A6CC14074.0 R120MGtnx for ft8 730813z
I2ROQ7045.0 I1ASU/PIM106 WCA04962 rtty0812z
IU0JEK7102.0 IU1CYA10 pt, buona giornat0812z
F5PLC10127.0 P1RATUSB Pirates0811z
PD0RWL7065.0 ON/PD0RWL/PWCA ON-005530811z
PD5MVH14074.0 UY5CQFT8 also 144174.0 FT0811z
DK5FX21026.1 XX9D0811z
RR1F7000.0 RR1RXtest RDA:ff-000810z
RA3ZT14133.6 UA0DTcq cq cq0810z
HS0ZME21016.1 R120MGtnx strong here0810z
RT2O14147.0 UN8CLtnx QSO0810z
EA7FDR10137.8 FO5QBFT80809z
I2ROQ3609.0 I1ASU/PIM106 WCA04962 LAST 0809z
EA7TR7074.0 ZL3DMHFT80809z
SA4BLM14026.0 XX9Dtnx0809z
IZ4EFP3609.0 I1ASU/Pdci-im106-wca049620808z
9A6CC14074.0 EA1DWItnx for ft8 730808z
YO9IOE7075.0 R8LUFT80808z
SV1LHZ18100.0 JA8BNP0807z
VK8GM14000.0 ZB2CWPlease 20m to VK sp0807z
EA7FJK7090.0 EA7JTF/PCGR-184 MVGR-1010 MV0807z
IZ0MIO14074.0 JE1GAPFT8 -03db0807z
N2VV1844.0 T31EUf/h 18440807z
EU2FA21016.0 R120MGtnx QSO0807z
F5PBM7130.0 TM1USA0807z
JH4JNG7074.0 EA4SECQ0807z
RV3ALD14195.0 4U0R0807z
VR2UNG21074.0 9A6NAFT8 73 FARID0806z
PD5MVH14074.0 R2UAFT8 C qrz.com Baby L0806z
IZ0ARL3595.0 IQ5QO/30806z
RV3YR14195.0 4U0RTNX 73!0805z
SP3PJY7143.0 SP8BB/PSPFF-18350805z
RM8Y14195.0 4U0Rtnx QSO0805z
DL5LB14240.0 YO2019EUSES0805z
EA3HCE7074.0 MI0OBCFT80805z
EA4CUN7130.0 TM1USA0805z
EA7TR7074.0 ZL3OZFT8 Ken 73s0804z
M0LDF14170.0 EW1MMNice to chat again 70804z
IU5AXT3595.0 IQ5QO/3last2'ry WAIL-VE2 IT0804z
UG4A21016.0 R120MGtnx0803z
CS7AMH7014.0 C31UScq cw0803z
RZ3QWE14140.0 R30AFGopRU3KO-5 OKEAH0803z
IZ8DFO3595.0 IQ5QO/3WAIL-VE002 ITA054 DC0803z
IZ8DFO3609.0 I1ASU/PDCI IM-106 WCA -040803z
DJ7TF14179.7 R120MG0803z
R9LI14193.0 4U0R0802z
RN3F21016.0 R120MG0802z
F4HEC7006.0 ZB2CWDerek CQ DX0801z
UG4A14015.0 R2ET/9cq0801z
S51ZZ14193.0 5A0YL0801z
RU9W14075.0 JA8XIWFT80801z
IN3HOT3609.0 I1ASU/PDCI IM1060801z
SQ8JME7143.0 SP8BBKSPFF-18350800z
RC7B14195.0 4U7Rcq0800z
R9UFU14076.0 R120MGFT8 R:-22 S:-18 tnx 0800z
DL3KVR21026.0 XX9Dkein Pieps in MVP0800z
PD5MVH14074.0 UB8LADFT8 Spasiebaa kamera0759z
JE8ISK14202.0 TM16AAW590759z
KH7XS1840.0 T31EUqsying to ft-80759z
DL5LB7101.9 IU1CYAAward Leonardo 10Pun0759z
W6JBR1828.0 T31EUDown 10759z

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