DX Cluster Activity



Hot DX: E31A 13 spots 20:EU AS 15:EU SA 14022.0 21074.0

Spotter Freq DX Comment Time
UV7QA14247.0 F5NLX/P1353z
VU3ESV14220.0 HZ1TTCQ DX1352z
DK1CO7074.0 US3EWARCK1352z
PD0CHB14170.0 LZ1UBO73 thanks1352z
DM7CW10105.0 LY5ATU!1352z
K4RUM14016.9 GB2GMCQ1352z
R2UZ7013.4 R2UZ1352z
HZ1BH14009.7 9M2YDXTU booming signal 591352z
IU8FRE18100.0 K3KO731352z
DL7FAZ14252.0 YU70EXYtnx qso 731352z
RN6DZ14211.0 KE5EEtnx QSO1351z
UV7QA14211.0 KE5EE1351z
DH2ID18100.0 OZ1HXFT8 -9dB1350z
R3AAA7080.0 RV3DME1350z
RA4SAL7074.0 US3EWarck1350z
UT5NR14018.5 DM90AIWtnx1350z
G4UNB14252.0 YU70EXYtnx Bora 73!1349z
UV7QA14205.0 9K2BS1349z
AJ9K14014.1 I1ULJ/8op Sal1349z
N7EKD1823.5 HL5IVLHrd in OR strong1349z
OZ9QV28074.0 IK4HALJO65cp FT81348z
DL1SWB14247.0 F5NLX/PFFF-2413 + WCA-F-?651348z
OZ2PJ14252.0 YU70EXY1347z
UV7QA14182.0 IU8EOY1347z
UR5EC7074.0 US3EWarck1347z
G4UDG18077.0 CT7AEQStrong1347z
DM7CW10114.0 E709JANTU!1346z
W3LPL1823.5 HL5IVLHeard in NV1346z
W3LPL14018.0 OY1CTHeard in MA1346z
UA9OME3670.0 UA9MACQ CQ CQ1345z
HA6VH14018.7 DM90AIW1345z
W3LPL18075.1 FY5HBHeard in WI1345z
CT1BWU18100.0 N4STFT8 qso TU 731345z
DM7CW10123.0 YR100UTU!1344z
UR4GA14205.0 9K2BStnx QSO1344z
F8IJV24915.0 SP9SDRsorry correct call ;1344z
OZ9QV28074.0 F5MVBJN16JO65cp FT81344z
F8IJV24915.0 SP9DSRtks for QSO !1343z
SV2CNE7148.0 SV3IEG/PSVFF-0210 op:Dinos N1343z
SV8JTS7148.0 SV3EIG/PSVFF-02101343z
LY4MA3677.0 US7IUXTnx for QSO1343z
UT5EOX14211.0 KE5EEtnx QSO1342z
OE3XHQ14021.8 E31Atu 2w - now na !1342z
W3LPL14035.0 KM1CCHeard in OH1342z
G3UYN7160.0 GB2GMSES1342z
F5MGS14247.0 F5NLX/PFFF 2413 WCA F-065601342z
EA7AN18099.0 K0PTft8 -17dB 43w1341z
KB3NXT14240.0 G0LVX5-6 into pa.1340z
SV8JTS7148.0 SV3EIGSVFF-02101340z
IN3XSV14005.0 9M2MRS1340z
RD4CAZ7081.0 R3FOARCK1340z
R2FAG14215.0 R2FBK/Pcq usa1340z
K5BG7002.0 RN3CTcq1340z
IZ1HHT14205.0 9K2BSTnX QSO ! Ciao1340z
US5XD14018.7 DM90AIWDANKE1339z
F5MGS14247.0 F5NLX/PFFF 24131339z
W3LPL18075.0 3B9FRHeard in NC1339z
EA7AN18099.0 PA3GAEft8 -10dB 40w1338z
AE7PG3527.0 K0WVLThanks Jim, Al.1338z
IN3XSV14022.0 E31A1338z
IW0BCF14257.1 YV5ENI1337z
OK1VEI7083.0 F5NLX/PFFF-24131337z
K5KEN14215.0 R2FBK/P1337z
IZ8MCG21074.0 E31Aft8 73 max1336z
OE9WGI10107.0 VU2GSMKantii TNX QSO 73 G1336z
RT8U1840.0 K7VIC-19db1336z
BV1EK1840.0 RT8U-19 in Keelung1336z
UA3LTM7096.6 RW6AMZtnx QSO1336z
EA3URL7060.0 EA3FNZEFL-0321335z
R3FO7078.7 R3FOarck 429 cq1335z
UA3LTM7128.0 R7BRtnx QSO1335z
HA6VH18075.0 3B9FR1335z
K5KEN7185.0 K7BAZ special event1335z
W3LPL10118.9 GW0TAUHeard in MD1335z
JP1DJV14005.0 9M2MRSCQ, 5391334z
R2FBK/P14215.0 R2FBK/Pcqcq usa1334z
EA1BIA10111.0 F6CELtnx QSO dr Ghis1334z
4X5EB18129.1 ON3UN1334z
DL4BER14268.0 YO4PXThanks for contact, 1334z
RX9UKF3677.0 R9UOARCK1333z
BV1EK1840.0 BD7MYMFT8 CQ1333z
HP1XT18072.9 6Y6JCW1333z
IN3XSV14257.0 YV5ENI1333z
LZ6DJ14005.1 9M2MRScq cq tnx cw 731333z
G0DEF14257.0 YV5ENIthax luis1332z
R2DK10114.9 E709JANtnx QSO1332z
K9WZB7185.0 K7BSpecial event 8th an1332z
R7BR7128.0 R7BRARCK # 1821331z
IZ8MCG21074.0 E31Aft8 73 max napoli1331z
K5KEN18122.0 F6EKS1331z

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