DX Cluster Activity



Hot DX: SX18FIFA 26 spots 80:EU 20:AS EU NA 40:EU SA 30:EU 3518.0 14030.1 14215.0 14030.0

Spotter Freq DX Comment Time
SV1AVE7131.5 UA6CBXtnx.Vasiliy. 592230z
M3ECT14245.0 CN18FWCNice signal into Man2230z
G0MFR7074.0 G6XXEngland FWC 2-1 :)2230z
DL3HAA10111.4 R18ARG2229z
SV1BDO/314081.5 YW18FIFARTTY FWC2229z
N4VN10111.4 R18ARG2229z
RU7L14038.0 RC18ROcw2229z
YV5OIE10137.1 RX4CDFT82228z
LU6DSW14250.0 CE7VPQ2228z
W1ARY14010.2 RU18WC2228z
KW4XR28400.0 K2WOP52 in Western NC2228z
HZ1BH14029.5 F6DWITU very strong 599 +2228z
ON7KM14245.0 CN18FWCJO21IB<>IM63NX2227z
9K2OD7173.0 9K2BSnow 9k2bs2227z
UA3SAQ7072.0 R18AUSbpsk63 cq2227z
KW4XR28400.0 W2WOT52 in Western NC2227z
YV5OIE10137.8 CT3HYFT82227z
LZ2TWY14076.6 WA2HIPtnx QSO 732226z
KW4XR28400.0 WA1JAS55 in Western NC2226z
KW4XR28400.0 W1WJB58 in NC2225z
G7OGX7041.8 SX18FIFAbpsk 632225z
W7CSA28360.0 VA2RF2225z
LU8DPM3790.0 RA3STks QSO Igor,732225z
LZ2TWY14075.9 HK4GSOtnx QSO 732224z
PY5ZW7074.0 TK5IHTnx FT8 73!!2224z
YV5OIE10136.0 R18PANtu ft82224z
EV1P14075.4 LU5MTtnx QSO2223z
SV1DKD3518.0 SX18FIFAqrv2223z
UA3SAQ7072.0 R18AUSbpsk632223z
HZ1BH14030.1 SX18FIFATU 3rd call new mode2222z
RA3AAA14035.0 HP18FWCCW2222z
LZ2TWY14076.4 W3YQtnx QSO 732222z
YV5OIE14075.8 R18PANFT82221z
CE7VPQ14245.0 CN18FWC59 in Chiloe Is2221z
DL3HAA3533.0 RC18RO2221z
SP5A14215.0 SX18FIFACQ CQ2221z
VA3EBM14190.0 CT7/VA3QF/QR2221z
SV1DKD14030.0 SX18FIFAQSY 80/40m2221z
HC2GRC14276.0 HC2TCMcq YL Paola making 12220z
SV1AVE7128.0 RA6FEtnx.Panaiot. 59 plus2220z
NX5T14180.0 EA8BWL55 in TX2220z
HP1AC14035.0 HP18FWCFWC2220z
EA3GHZ14035.0 HP18FWCTNX2219z
MU0FAL14010.0 RU18WC2219z
PA5WK3667.0 5Q8FWCtnx 732219z
PP5TG14074.0 PP5TGFT82219z
N9ZI14020.3 CP4BT2219z
CT1UUZ10104.4 E79Q2217z
RU3EJ10136.0 R18PANFT82217z
K8WHA14025.0 YW18FIFAListening up 12217z
SV1DKD14030.0 SX18FIFAqrv2216z
W7PEM18100.0 KI7YYThank you WY FT82216z
VA3EBM14190.0 CT7/VA3QFIN502215z
HP1AC14010.3 RU18WCFWC2214z
SV1DZB7040.0 YI0FIFApsk63 73 tnx2214z
UA3RU14012.0 R18NGAcq cq2214z
WA3ERQ14074.0 PP5AM2214z
N5YYF14073.5 VE6XMB2213z
YT1T14025.0 YW18FIFATNX UP 12213z

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