DX Cluster Activity



Hot DX: YB73RI/1 12 spots 20:EU 14185.0

Spotter Freq DX Comment Time
EA6BB18078.0 ZD7BGTnx Gilbert 731618z
9A1WW28459.0 LY4Ytnx1618z
IN3EYI14084.4 YB73RI/8((CQ)) RTTY Tnx 73 d1618z
IK2TCV28459.0 LY4Y73 TNX1618z
UR5AB14220.0 YB73RI/5TNX QSO GL 73!1617z
EB5DZC14072.6 ON3EDGHELL Dirk Tremelo1617z
IZ7QPS28459.0 LY4YTnx 591617z
PU1KDX21074.0 F4BMYtnx FT 81617z
F4ALP14250.0 FR4QT1617z
SP2EWQ24915.0 F6ARSFT8 +01dB from JN18 1617z
IW3IAM24970.0 SQ9GIWtnx 731616z
EA7GI14260.0 CU3AN731616z
PD1RK14225.0 ZS6DJDDior 59 tu1616z
EA1AST28444.0 SP8BJU/5SPFF-08951616z
SP2EWQ24915.0 F4GAJFT8 +04dB from IN99 1616z
I2BRT28459.0 LY4Y1616z
PD1ROS14075.7 SP8EEXTNX for QSO 731616z
I1YPT24970.0 SQ9GIW59 tnx1616z
9A1WW24970.0 SQ9GIWtnx1615z
4X1UF24915.4 SP3AMTnx QSO1615z
RD1A7029.0 RD1A/MRDA RK-23 www.TNXQSO1615z
KE0BBI14074.0 K6ZVADM78PT<>DN221615z
PD1ROS14075.7 AB1OCTNX for QSO 731615z
LZ2YO14255.0 ZS6TVB1615z
SP2EWQ24915.0 EA4DAUFT8 -05dB from IN70 1615z
KE0BBI14074.0 N2BJDM78PT<>EN611615z
HS8JKY14210.0 YB73RI/71615z
PA3FMP7154.0 ON7GBFT8 - TNX from JO22i1615z
IK2TCV28444.0 SP8BJU/573 TNX1614z
KE0BBI14074.0 W7VYDM78PT<>DM091614z
KN4APC24915.9 CO8LY1614z
9W2JMW7125.0 9M61MJ1614z
SP2EWQ24915.0 DH6VLFT8 -05dB from JN39 1614z
R9CC14255.0 ZS6TVBtnx QSO1614z
IZ7QPS28444.0 SP8BJU/5591614z
IW1GGR14185.0 YB73RI/173 Good Dx.1613z
KE0BBI14074.0 KC9UQRDM78PT<>EN521613z
IU7BPL18101.0 IS0DSWtnx qso 73 FT81613z
SP2EWQ24915.0 YO2ISFT8 -10dB from KN05 1613z
F4HOM14220.0 YB73RI/51613z
DM5JL14012.9 OE5XGMdanke f?r qso1613z
F8CGL24970.0 SQ9GIW1612z
RW3K7028.8 RD1A/MTnx QSO! 73!1612z
WD9Q14052.0 N4EX/PPOTA KFF-06911612z
SP2EWQ24915.0 UX0FFFT8 -10dB from KN45 1612z
YO9AAO14267.0 DK1RU591612z
F8ATM14267.0 SV8/SV1PMQIOTA EU-113 KYTHIRA 1612z
UR4GI14071.0 UY5HCLIGHTHOUS UKR 0201611z
ON8ON14150.0 YB73RI/2CQn SES SPLX Terima 1611z
F4FGC14074.0 A75GDFT8 Tnx qso 731610z
RA3X/114021.1 HA60NUtnx QSO1610z
UX4CR14250.0 FR4QTtnx QSO1610z
SP0PGA28444.0 SP8BJU/5SPFF-09591610z
IU7BPL18101.0 OE6UPHtnx qso 73 FT81610z
SP2EWQ24915.0 HG3FMZFT8 +05dB from JN96 1610z

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