DX Cluster Activity



Hot DX: R500LWTK 7 spots 40:EU 7106.0

Spotter Freq DX Comment Time
KW4YA5360.1 OM5XX0450z
UA1OMZ7088.0 R500LWTKSES0450z
IK0LYL14223.0 A41KJcq cq JA0449z
SV1RK5358.3 KH2PMQSX 5359.4 UP 1.100449z
EA5D3575.0 VE9NCFT8 -07 FN75CM<>IM990448z
SP3DOF3573.0 J69DSFT8 -73 gl0448z
IZ8LKL3512.0 EA6NBcq0448z
S57L5355.0 S57Lcq cw, any dx0447z
KW4YA5360.1 DL5MAM0446z
PD8HUB7074.0 YO2DNOthanks for ft 8 qso 0446z
I8KCI3790.0 YT1AAcq dx w company0444z
K6FA10136.0 ZS6RHL-16 central CA DM050443z
PU4MMZ3795.0 LX1LCCQ DX0442z
YO7MPD7167.0 ZL32HETnx WILL !0442z
IW3ILM3512.0 EA6NB599++0441z
RM8W10126.3 R175JRGO0440z
JA1JXT21074.0 YG9EGPFT8 - YL0439z
SV1RK5359.5 6Y6STAYHOMEQSX 5359.4 DN 0.100439z
W3LPL3512.0 EA6NBHeard in PA0435z
EA5D3575.0 KE3QZFT8 -09 FM18<>IM99XX0435z
LZ2VU7147.0 ZL1WN59+ Tnx for QSO0435z
EW6AS14074.0 HA1ADtnx QSO FT-80435z
PD8HUB7074.0 HG8LXLthanks for ft 8 qso 0434z

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