DX Cluster Activity



Hot DX: Z66DH 27 spots 12:EU 17:EU 10:EU 30:EU 20:EU 24894.0 18145.0 28490.0 18140.0

Spotter Freq DX Comment Time
EA7DVY7095.0 EA5XCEFA 018 DME 03014 ES1159z
S54KD7144.0 SQ9LOM/PSPFF-06431159z
SV1CNS28074.0 VP8LPFT8 , M/XMAS BOB1158z
R4DD10119.5 R4DDAFARU RAEM 21158z
OZ1T18140.0 SX60RAAGsorry call is sx60ra1158z
N7TY7011.4 JM7OLWfb sigs1158z
WW3A14076.3 SP2IJ1158z
VK5JN7012.5 R115RAEMCq Cq solid sig Spe1158z
NS9I7074.5 VK6BEKFT81157z
OZ1T18140.0 SX60AAGgood selabration1157z
NS9I7074.5 VK3KJFT81157z
EA7BJ18078.0 9Q6BB1157z
EB3WH7095.0 EA5XCEFA-018 DME-03014 UL1157z
IK4GRO14205.0 VK4YSbruce1156z
R7KRB7012.5 R115RAEMcq up tnx QSO1156z
SP5ENA5357.0 BG6VGZ1156z
KI4GE10116.0 Z31NATnx Simplex1155z
EA2DT18135.0 EG40CEDME-312011155z
DN5JD24894.0 Z66DHUp 1.......881155z
EA3HP7165.0 EA3HP Sota EA3/BC-040 1155z
LY5W3516.7 BG4GOV5791155z
LY5W3509.0 JA5EWQ5991155z
LY5W3505.0 JA7QVI5991155z
IZ5WTV14250.0 ET3YOTATnx ELA for qso 73\'1154z

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