DX Cluster Activity



Hot DX: V84SAA 14 spots 160:OC EU NA 60:OC 40:EU NA 80:EU NA 20:EU 1908.0 5126.0 7006.0 7074.3

Spotter Freq DX Comment Time
DJ5LA21024.7 N4WWCW1358z
RU4SO14097.9 KE4KY1358z
NR1R14017.3 OM2Y1358z
S53EA14008.1 W1UECW1357z
AA3S14048.4 IW1CHXKCW1357z
K7SCX7049.3 JA5FDJ1357z
N3FJP21030.2 EA8RM1357z
PY4AZ7110.0 PT1FFarol Ilha Guaratba 1357z
K3CLT14205.0 G0SXC5/91357z
F4GDO14240.0 SV1KMB1357z
UB8CDU3581.0 RW9H1357z
UW5ZM7033.9 JO4JKLCW1357z
ON4LDU14055.1 K1TTT1357z
N0WVU7026.7 KH6LCARRL DX CW1356z
UX4U21010.0 VA2WA1356z
UA0ACG1840.0 V84SAApse FT-81356z
K1RV21026.2 F4DXWCW1356z
K2QPN14058.6 DL5YMCW1356z
W3RGA14025.6 S51JARRL DX CW1356z
PY2VZ21074.0 SQ2HLFT8 -09dB from JO94 1356z
NN4X7015.4 JA3YBKCW1356z
PY2DY21018.0 PX2AARRL CW1356z
RW9WT3572.7 XX9DFT81356z
F4HPX14258.0 9K58NLDcq cq kuwait1356z

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