DX Cluster Activity



Hot DX: HP1ELV 11 spots 10:NA SA AF 28453.1 28453.0

Spotter Freq DX Comment Time
W5ETL14209.9 TI2CC2256z
LZ3GA7012.0 LZ250MT2256z
VE9VIC14014.0 W7EETNX GARY2255z
KJ4LTA14075.2 XE2FGC2255z
PY4MAB14074.0 KJ4ZEGFT8 TKS2255z
PY4EP21074.0 W7VYsriincomplete FT8 at2255z
RC7KY7144.0 EX2VCQ DX2255z
HL2WA14074.0 HK3CFT82253z
9M2RS10107.0 V85Tcq cq2253z
VE9VIC14014.0 K0PVTNX2253z
RA3S1823.0 CU2DXgood RX, tnx2253z
PY3CEJ1831.5 UR5ASstrong 599 live2253z
K5SGE14019.9 HK5NLJ/32252z
G8LZI7073.1 KO4OPCTSTIA, CTSTIA8/250 2252z
RV0WS1850.0 RW1F2251z
PU1KGG7005.0 TY1TTUP 3 72251z
K0PV14014.0 VE9VICTnx 73 Rino2250z
K1FZ1820.0 EW2Rtks Alex 732250z
EB4BIN7135.0 PY2JJ73 Marcelo2250z
K4YJ14075.3 YV4MW2249z
K9XD18123.0 K6PVIOTA NA-066 NOT A P2248z
VK6APZ7150.0 UR5VFS2248z
DL6BE7012.0 LZ250MTcq2248z

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