DX Cluster Activity



Hot DX: ZL7X 17 spots 40:EU AS SA NA 160:NA OC EU 60:SA 7060.0 1824.0

Spotter Freq DX Comment Time
UY5AX21075.1 DS5USHtnx QSO FT8 730738z
IZ1PNT14250.0 VK3NUtu0738z
YT1UM10111.0 PF2018WOR0738z
HF9D3728.0 HF100SCISES0737z
ZL2CC1822.5 YJ0GCnot busy yet0737z
UA9JBV14179.0 UA4PEQtnx QSO0736z
S51KD14027.9 UT3IZCW0736z
DM5JL5353.5 HA4YFtnx qso de Bela0736z
EU1EU18072.0 VK9XGwhen 599 JA nw 539 E0734z
EA3CZV7130.0 EA1HTF/P5/9 730734z
RQ7R18101.8 BG2WRJFT80733z
UY5AX21076.4 UK9AAFT80733z
UY5AX21075.1 UK9AAtnx QSO FT8 730733z
ON3LMA3513.0 F5MCC/PF-FF 0195-WCA F-06650733z
A41CK21075.8 EK3GMft80733z
RX9CDQ14018.0 R0CDTNX QSO!0733z
DL5LB7144.0 UT/SQ7WOJ/PURFF-02210733z
KE5EE1822.5 YJ0GCTnx up 1 730732z
JF6XQJ10111.0 PF2018WORTnx QSO0732z
UT7LW14032.0 UT7LWRCWC0732z
S51KD14026.0 RW3XZCW0732z
IZ0MIO21074.0 VK6LCFT8 -13db0732z
S51KD14015.1 UA6GOCW0732z
S51KD14011.9 RZ9OCW0731z
R0AGO18135.0 R0AKARCK 1670731z

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