DX Cluster Activity



Hot DX: 3Z1ESH 10 spots 40:EU

Spotter Freq DX Comment Time
SQ6PLE7074.0 2E0EPBFT8 TNX 73 IREK2100z
SP9MQA10123.0 4X70Rtnx2059z
DK8YY3516.0 HB0/DL6JF2059z
JP3KCX10107.1 A61Q2059z
DL0KK7024.0 5P8VWWWFF OZFF-0004 EU1252059z
KO4SB14247.0 N4CDKFF-15102058z
GM0OQV14160.0 FJ/AI5P2058z
PD0LK14074.0 LU9DO-14 TNX FT8 QSO 73\"2058z
PY6BA14005.0 OA1F599 tnx, simplex2058z
N5TM14011.0 LZ2HRgud sig2058z
IU8CEC14074.0 WL7X2057z
DF2XE7120.0 R3XEcalling cq Japan2057z
OZ6PI7011.0 5Q0PIqsl oz bureau2057z
IT9UFP14205.0 LU7YS73 59++ ciao Sergio2057z
K6XR14011.0 LZ2HR2056z
WA3YFQ14075.2 TG9AJR2056z
R4AG7011.0 5Q0PIH2056z
LZ5DD14013.0 HC2GRCTNX!2056z
DF1IR10108.0 JA7BXStnx QSO 73 simplex2056z
LY3W1840.0 ES5QAFT8 tnx2056z
UV1GJ3515.0 EO32UTnx qso 73!2056z
W6LG14250.0 IZ1AWCcor. callsign..west 2056z
IU4HRJ7011.0 5Q0PIHtnx qso 732055z
SP9MQA10120.0 TZ4AMtnx2055z
PD1RK14175.0 CP5/PA0RBL/P57 tu qso2055z

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