DX Cluster Activity



Hot DX: YB73RI/8 5 spots 20:OC NA 40:OC 14007.0 7038.0

Spotter Freq DX Comment Time
KD4AMP5357.0 K3PPEM80MIFN20EU0050z
KD4AMP5357.0 N3UAEM80MIFM17FP0049z
W3LPL7012.7 ER1PBHeard in MA0049z
KD4AMP5357.0 NZ0TEM80MIEM36EO0049z
KD4AMP5357.0 W3ZREM80MIFN11SK0049z
K4FX18102.2 KP4SXFK780048z
UN7TK14074.0 K8QKYFT8 -11dB CQ AS0048z
W3LPL7022.0 S01WSHeard in MA0048z
NF3Q7205.0 W8SZYouth ham radio demo0048z
EA1DBX7120.0 EA1DBX0047z
KD2JQK3890.0 KD2PBQcq cq cq0047z
KG7V14076.1 WH6HI0047z
NP2Q14075.3 YV4MT0046z
W8ZST14320.0 CT7AGETNX 73's0044z
KG5CIK14046.0 N5PHTPOTA KFF-2295 IA0044z
W7LDG3960.0 W7BJN0043z
N0ZYX7246.0 W9ISF0043z
K6BFL7147.0 G1SDKHeard in co0043z
W8JMZ14280.0 F5MUX0043z
NP2Q14075.3 WH6HI0043z
K6BFL14320.0 CT7AGEHeard in co0043z
KM4APN7246.0 W9ISFIN Hendricks0043z
YB9MKF14140.0 YB73RI/9SES0040z
N4RSS7011.0 UI2F0040z

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