DX Cluster Activity



Hot DX: W2GD 7 spots 160:NA 1813.7

Spotter Freq DX Comment Time
K1GG1825.0 K5WACW2323z
N3CW1815.2 N0TTCW2323z
N8CWU1842.7 K8JQWV2323z
WB0TEV1853.8 KT0KDE2323z
W8EH1813.2 K8BZCW2323z
LA1MFA3517.0 BG3GRUnow right callsign2323z
VA2UR1821.2 VA2WACW2323z
K1GG1823.2 N4BACW2323z
WB0TEV1853.8 KT0K2322z
N4IQ1859.1 W5LEOK2322z
W9YK1812.8 K0TI2322z
9H1J3785.0 9H1GPMark in Malta Island2322z
W5QG14210.0 JE1RXJTack2322z
K1GG1821.9 W0SDCW2322z
KB4GH14074.0 HD1DXFt8 Thanks 732322z
K4IU1846.8 K4WWCW2322z
9H1J3785.0 9H5BZDione in Gozo Island2322z
R8TT1826.5 VO1HPARRL-1602322z
N8CWU1840.5 W8KTQOH2322z
W3LPL3516.5 MM0ZBHHeard in NH2321z
WB0TEV1854.8 NA8V2321z
S53CC1823.6 K9CTCW2321z
WA4PGM1835.5 NP2X2321z
OM5ZW1817.0 W9RE2321z

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